What is Prince Albert North Market?

Prince Albert North Market is a multi-vendor website so there are multiple shops all in one place for you to shop and browse their services. All the sellers are locally-owned businesses in the Prince Albert Area and Northern Saskatchewan.

Each seller has its own policies for shipping, returns, etc. Make sure to review their page if you have any questions or contact the seller directly. Their contact information is on their seller page. 

Can I order from multiple merchants?

No, each vendor has its own checkout.

Can I track my order?

The ability to track your order is dependent on the vendor and how your order is being delivered to you. 

Can I cancel or change my order?

The ability to cancel or change your order is dependent on the vendor you are ordering from.

How do I contact a vendor to adjust my order? 

The contact information for all vendors can be found on shop profile pages. 

How do returns work?

Returns are based on each individual store’s return policy. Please read their policies before making a purchase. Vendor policies can be found on product pages and shop profile pages. 

What is the process for orders I pick up in the store?

You will get a confirmation email with your order details. You can show this to the store when you go in to pick up your items.

What happens if a store is closed when I place an order?

If you make an order at 9:00 am on Monday and that store is closed on Monday your goods will be prepared the following business day when the store is open. 

How do I contact a vendor?

You can contact each vendor on their store profile in the “Shop by Store” section of the Prince Albert North Market  

When will my order be ready for pickup?

Unless the vendor has specified that the product you are purchasing needs a certain amount of time to be prepared, you can pick up your product at the store’s physical location anytime after placing your order (per the store’s hours of operation).

If you placed an order and haven’t received communication for pick up within two business days, please contact the vendor directly. The contact information for all vendors can be found on shop profile pages. 

Are taxes calculated at checkout?

If the vendor charges tax on the item, it will be added to your order at checkout.