Vendor FAQ’s


Prince Albert North Market allows you to sell your products directly to local consumers. We invest thousands of dollars to target local buyers and market your products directly to them. This includes an ongoing robust social media campaign, online & print advertising, and more!

You get your own digital storefront and full online payment system. A Prince Albert North Market representative will help you with the initial store set up and show you how to add and maintain your inventory.


I already have an E-Commerce page, why should I join Prince Albert North Market?

Many retailers have set up e-commerce pages on sites such as Shopify or Facebook. However, they are then faced with the issue of driving traffic to their store. When you join Prince Albert North Market, you will stand out as a locally owned and operated business in a one stop LOCAL Shopping Centre setting. (Importing your inventory may be possible via a CSV file depending on your existing set-up.)

This will lead to additional views of your store and products. Prince Albert North Market is complimentary to your existing e-commerce set up. Our targeted multi-media marketing to the local region will drive traffic to our site and YOUR store, leading to more sales for YOU!

Additionally, we partner with the City of Prince Albert, Prince Albert Downtown Business Improvement District, Community Futures, Community Networking Coalition, and the Prince Albert Regional Economic Development Alliance to encourage the general public to support local.

Our local media partners include PE Advertising, Pattison Media, CTV, Rawlco, and the Prince Albert Daily Herald.

How much will it cost?

Because we were able to show our funding partners the need and value of this platform to the business community, Prince Albert North Market is able to offer this platform to your business AT NO COST until August 2022. Additionally, we are absorbing the onboarding costs during this time. If you are a Chamber Member, your annual membership covers the cost of Prince Albert North Market as a benefit.

After August 1, 2022, non-members will be charged $60.00 per month to cover labour and administration fees.

Is there a limit to how many items I can post on Prince Albert North Market?

No! You can list as many, or as few products as you’d like on Prince Albert North Market. There is no charge for additional items.

How do I keep my inventory up to date?

We recommend you designate some of your stock as online inventory. You will be able to track your online inventory, then reconcile it with your existing POS when tallying daily sales. Although this is an extra step, there is currently no way to have an inventory solution that matches with every individual merchants’ point of sale system. By updating your point of sale system, if an item becomes out of stock in-store you can adjust your online inventory for brick and mortar sales. If necessary, there is an easy process to mark the item as being sold out on your merchant portal on

Will you have 3rd party advertisements on the website?

No. The closest we will have to ads is a “Feature Merchant” which showcases a merchant that is already on the Prince Albert North Market platform. This will include YOU! We will rotate amongst active vendors on Prince Albert North Market to highlight your business. We will not have 3rd party ads on the website.

How is delivery handled on Prince Albert North Market?

Each store will choose what delivery options it wishes to offer through the platform.

What policies govern my store?

Each store must provide a statement of policies that cover their business practices for their customers. These policies must comply with local, provincial and federal legislation.