Schauer Charge Master CM12A Maintenance Battery Charger


Schauer Charge Master CM12A Automatic Charger Desulfator: 12 Volt, 1/8/12 Amp

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Advanced Multi-stage Smart Battery Charger, Desulphator, and Conditioner
For Wet, Gel, and AGM Batteries

The Schauer Charge Master microprocessor-controlled charger makes it easy to keep your batteries fully charged. With a push of a button, you can select the type of battery being charged and the current that you need.

The Schauer Charge Master automatic desulfator 12 volt, 1/8/12 amp battery charger has a few unique features not found on many other chargers. Here are two that particularly stand-out:

  1. The charger will automatically memorize your charging rate and battery type setting. When you use the charger again, it will use the last used settings.
  2. If the charger is connected to the battery, you can change the charge rate or battery type without damaging the unit or your battery.

What is sulfation, and how can the Schauer Charge Master help?

During normal use, small sulfate crystals form on the battery. This is normal and not harmful. However, when a battery goes for an extended period of time without use or maintenance (i.e. kept on a charger), the lead sulfate converts to a stable crystalline that deposits on the negative plates. These crystals lead to larger ones, which blocks the necessary chemical reactions the plates need to operate normally. This reduces your battery’s life and makes it harder to charge your battery.

One of the major features of Schauer’s Charge Master is the float pulse charging. This specialty feature blasts battery-ruining sulfation off the plates, conditioning the battery and prolonging the battery life. Your battery will be maintained, rejuvenated, and ready to give you longer service life.

  • Listed in the California Appliance Efficiency Database.
  • Selectable battery type: Wet, Gel, and AGM.
  • Calcium battery rejuvenation (desulfation) function.
  • Maintains, extends battery life, and never overcharges.
  • Conditions your battery and fights sulfation while charging.
  • Quick-disconnect battery clips and ring terminals.
  • Ideal for winter battery maintenance
  • Heavy-duty cables.
  • Protected for: short circuit, reverse polarity, and overload.
  • Internal thermal overload protection and battery thermal runaway protection.
  • Approved for use on these Odyssey batteries: PC925, PC925L, PC925LMJ, PC925MJT, PC950

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